Late Afternoon at Viera Wetlands

Sunset at Viera Wetlands
Sunset at Viera Wetlands

I’d never been to Viera Wetlands in the late afternoon or for sunset and wanted to see if the activity at that time of day is any different from the mornings when we usually go.  Also, I read yesterday on the Friends of Viera Wetlands blog that several of the winter migrant species (e.g. Belted Kinfishers and Phalaropes) are starting to arrive.   I talked Lynn into going with me by promising her a dinner at the Dixie Crossroads restaurant in Titusville. We headed over in time to get into the restaurant before the huge crowd showed up (about 4:30pm) and then made our way down to Viera.

We went round the Click ponds first, but didn’t see much activity.  The water levels are still low and the road on the east side is pretty grown up.  Next we went into the wetlands.  The new paved entry is nice and you no longer have to drive through the water treatment plant.  There were some of the usual birds around, although I didn’t see any of the migrants.  There was one very tame acting young deer and I was able to get a good close up photo of it.  It must be used to having people around.  I hope it’s more leery of other large animals.

Young deer at Viera Wetlands
Young deer at Viera Wetlands: Check out the eyelashes and whiskers!

An enjoyable photo-op, but it would have been nice to see a Phalarope.

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