Local Park Landscapes

Just a short post today with an idea for local photo-ops:  How about the parks in your own neighborhood?

I wanted to try out the D7000 on some landscape photos, but didn’t really have time to go anywhere special.  Instead, I went out to three local parks and made the photos below.

You’ve seen this tree before – it’s along the shore of Lake Jesup in Central Winds Park.    I like this more complete composition, since it includes the cyprus knees.

Cyprus tree and knees

Cyprus tree and knees

This next one was made at Lake Marie in Trotwood Park.  There are almost always at least a few birds in this small lake and last night was no exception.

The geese aren't watching the sunset

The geese aren’t watching the sunset

And finally, here’s one from this morning at Sam Smith Park.  It was very quiet – almost no wind, which helps wonderfully with reflections in water. The cyprus trees here in Florida do change colors for the winter – the one on the left is starting to turn.

Sunrise and Cyprus

Sunrise and Cyprus

Visit your local parks and make some photos.

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